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Farewell spit
New Zealand
We left the hostel to drive further north to the Farewell Spit a long sand peninsula that sourrounded the north westerly side of the Golden Bay. We passed Colingwood, the last smaller Town in this area and drove further to the carpark near the Farewell Spit. Walking along the inner side of the spit first and crossing the peninsula, we had to make our way through desert like areas.

Especially with the incredibly strong wind the crossing was quite exhausting. It was almost impossible to keep your face and eyes sand free. At the other side of the spit it was still very windy but the wind was not blowing all the sand in your face ;)
When we returned to the carpark, Flo had someting small to eat in a cafe next to the carpark. In the afternoon we drove further to Wharariki Beach only a few kilometers further down the west coast, where we stayed at a campsite for the night. The guy at the reception told us how to get down to the beach, which was only possible from one side at low tide. The beach was just awesome!

Huge cliffs and free standing rocks sourrounded by water, as well as a nice arch and for sure the famous archway islands.

While the sun was going down further and further, tinting the scenery into warm yellow, we climbed up onto the arch enjoying the view over the coastline.

Some time later we walked down the beach to the archway islands, where we saw several seals playing in the water.

The archway Islands looked just awesome in the sunset mood and also really great when the sun had set and the stars rose. Flo had already walked back to the campsite, but I stayed until eleven to get some pictures of the islands at night.

After I was done I had to find my way back in the dark, which turned out to quite challenging, because there was no way visible at night. Luckily I had a torch with me and I remembered the guy from the reception's advice to follow the river if you cannot find the path. So after some time of searching I finally found the path and could walk back to the campsite. Back at the our tent we realised that our electtronic carkeys had ran out of battery and we could no longer open the door with it. :/ So we had to open it manually with the standard key, which eventually woke up all the people around us, because the bloody alarm went off and we could not stop it without the electronic key :D
Fortunately it stopped some time later and, when I came really close to the front of the car with the key I managed to unlock it one last time, which deactivated the fucking alarm :D ! Good night !